"CHILDREN OF HEAVEN" Seasonal Magazine

Being published by the serious attempts of Isfahan Autism Center's professionals and experts, CHILDREN OF HEAVEN is the first and the only autism-specialized professional magazine in Iran. In this magazine, the latest national and international news and studies about autism, the last discovered facts and the most appropriate and applicabletraining and rehabilitating solutions have been presented for autistic children's parents and trainers. In addition, vast range of diverse contents about the date world psychological problems, stress and tensions relieving methods, etc. are covered. The educationalachievements, professional outcomes and the obtained results of train and research activities for autistic children are also introduced.

We are now, after seven years of attempt and success and the interest of readers, looking forward to receive the academic and professional papers related to the autism.

Up to now, 27 issues of "CHILDREN OF HEAVEN" have been published whose covers are illustrated here:

چهارشنبه 27 تير 1397

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